Saturday, September 15, 2007

Guess the Civilian Death Toll in Iraq

I read about this Los Angeles Times article where it states that an opinion poll was conducted to estimate the civilian death toll in Iraq. The Iraq war has gone on for the last 4 years since 2003 without a slightest clue of where it will be heading if the USA and British were to decide to withdraw their troops by end of this year.

ORB, a British polling agency, has put the civilian death toll at ONE MILLION !!!!!!

Can you believe that? That works out to 250,000 death per year or 694 per day. It's really really sad to see this happening. I'm sure many innocent lives had been lost for no reason. It was estimated that each Iraqi family has lost at least 1 family member.

Very disheartening to read this. But sad to say, the US Military has disputed the figure because if the US Military was to accept it, it tells the world that their war strategy was totally wrong all this while, that it didn't help Iraq at all and thus the high death toll. Another attempt to cover-up again?
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