Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Gardens at Mid Valley

Woke up this morning and felt much better. So off to The Gardens, the new wing at Mid Valley area. Was in Mid Valley's basement car park by 10.30am to avoid the sudden surge of shoppers later on. Haven't taken our breakfast, so family decided to hunt for an eating place.

We took the route leading to The Garden from Mid Valley's centre court, going through a make shift tunnel. Quite a tight place initially and without people didn't keep left or right and very messy as everyone was heading into each other's path.

Even the lighting set used was unique (not switched on as it was day time).

Nice clothing materials was used as a cover and traffic has to be stopped to let pedestrian cross from one building to another while a bridge is still under construction.

If it rains, it would be impassable.

The interior design was absolutely fantastic and different from other shopping malls in the city. Those crossings on top seen from the ground floor gave a nice ambience.

This place - for the rich and famous lah..... all top branded goods, see here see there, touch here and there but can't afford. To me, this new shopping mall was built to match KLCC shopping mall's status.

I'm not saying we can't buy, cannnnnnnnnnnn but next few months would be on tight spending.

Many comfy sofa sets were made available for people who could be tired after walking around the big shopping mall.

But it was only around 10.45am and I could see people sitting down already. They got tired so fast???

Found out that the lower ground floor was the main eating area but sadly lots of the restaurants are not opened yet.
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