Saturday, September 29, 2007

Minimum Wage is Too High?

How much is your country's minimum wage? In Malaysia, the Malaysian Trades Union Congress is only asking a minimum wage of RM900 per month to be implemented. In that case, Malaysia's cost of living is still low compared to many other developed countries.

In Hong Kong, a Poverty Relief Group did a study with a university there and the professor suggested a minimum monthly wage of HK$6,000 (approx. RM2,700) be implemented. This gave a shock to many people in Hong Kong.

Newly graduated law students could only earn around HK$7,500 while ordinary degree holder may just get around HK$6,000. In that case, the students may think why do I need to study so hard. Dropping out of school and doing a simple job without much responsibilities could earn you a pay similar with a degree holder.

Can you beat that? A Malaysian with a simple lifestyle can survive with RM900 (US$257) but a Honkie requires around RM2,700 (US$771) to live in Hong Kong. 3 times higher??? Sometimes, if your country is so developed, it will cause hardship to those in the lower income group.
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