Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Want to Participate in the Conception Day?

First you have the I Don't Know being banned in Siberia of Russia, now you the Conception Day in Ulyanovsk.

On 12 Sept, all couples (whether in private or government sector) have gotten time off from work so that they can "do" things as a couple that will generate a baby in 9 months' time. On 12 June 2008, it's Russia's national day and whoever can give birth on that auspicious day will receive money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes. What a contest!!!

And the contest was opened to all couples that could see many winners ........ not like some of the contests we read in the newspapers where there will only be 1 grand prize winner.

Let's see, I'm sure by 12 June 2008, many couples who have conceived would "tahan" their pregnancy till 12 June and forced it out on the same day. And those who were supposed to give birth after 12 June would request the hospital to induce the birth of their child. Wondering whether the local hospitals there are well prepared for the sudden influx of such patients and the number of babies too. Could be a "havoc day" instead of a national day, as far the doctors/nurses are concern.

Currently, there are 25 hospitals in Ulyanovsk. Having 311 and 5oo women participating in 2005 (result: 46 babies) and 2006 (result: 78 babies) respectively, the Governor of Ulyanovsk expected more citizens to join this year.

Instead of moving or encourage the citizens to move/invest in certain area of the country, the Russian government encourages internal growth..... hehehe. Way to go!
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