Sunday, September 02, 2007

Footballers and Singers Being Targetted

I'm sure you are familiar with the following names:-

David Beckham / Wayne Rooney / Thierry Henry / Justin Timberlake / P.Diddy (or whatever name he uses)

Wherever they go, say for the respective football matches or concerts, every single fan would want a piece of them for memory sake.

It seems that News of the World has picked up a video lead that the above 5 guys' life are in danger. The threats are not from fans who are stalking them. Who are they then?

You have not heard about it? It's the Al-Qaeda. They are monitoring all the 5 guys' life. Wow! Even they have grown fond of them????? In memory of these people, they have even created a video about them. The first question in the video - Why do u (sic) love the evildoers? Followed by "What made you among the losers? / "Why do u (sic) imitate people of desires?

Oops! what kind of questions was that? ....... Al-Qaeda said that these 5 guys are corrupting the young Islamic minds of their people and Al-Qaeda will do something to stop such corruption. Huh???!!!!??!?!??!?!

Wondering which footballer will be their following targets after taking care of the said 5 guys .... hehehe ..... Cristiano Ronaldo?? How can lah...... like this will wipe out my favourite football team, Man Utd..... Must be the joke of a rival football club.

Reading: David Beckham & Justin Timberlake Targeted By Al Qaeda - Gateway Pundit
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Blogger sollee said...

yes seems that everything we do has some kind of politics involved in it ..not only in the gov't, in media, in sports..etc..even when we ask favors from ohers..oh..we play this game..why can't we just be ourselves?..we do live in a very complicated wolrd, don't we?

02 September, 2007 23:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

natural human beings

but we can be ourselves if we are not selfish, greedy or having evil desires

03 September, 2007 10:24  

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