Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quake in Sumatera Affected Kuala Lumpur

Thinking back in year 2004, on the morning of 26 December, the quake at Sumatera's west side ocean deep caused a shocking tsunami that almost no one has heard or seen before. That morning, my family and with all neighbours on my 3rd floor condominium (other floors too) ran down the emergency staircase. Why?

The condo shook vehemently that time and it was quite chaotic (will describe more of this in another blog posting).

Today, as I drove into my condo area and was approaching my car park spot, I noticed many people were standing at the car park areas. The thought of earthquake came to my mind. True enough.

Not long after that, a close friend called me (knowing my area is earthquake prone too) asked whether I felt anything. I told him I came home late. He has checked the internet and confirmed an earthquake with a richter scale of 8.2 has strucked at southwest of Sumatera. A tsunami alert has been issued to a number of countries but a 9 feet tsunami has hit Padang city on the west coast of Sumatera. Hopefully the Indonesians over there are safe.

Feeling everything was ok, I went to the gym for my workout and read about the earthquake.
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Anonymous joy said...

I hope no more tragedy will strike the region. It will be just too painful for everyone.

Your Love Coach

13 September, 2007 03:14  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

as of late nite, only 2 casulties with abt 100 injured. hard for indonesia to recover esp when one after anor earthquake kept coming indonesia's way

13 September, 2007 04:38  
Anonymous keeyit said...

This was the second quake in Indonesia this year. =(

13 September, 2007 13:23  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

but if u were to click the link of Richter Scale of 7.7, there were a dozen of them in past 24 hrs

13 September, 2007 23:40  

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