Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Economic Freedom of the World

Economic Freedom of the World has issued their latest 2007 Annual Report showing Malaysia's position at no. 60 falling from no. 54. Another disgrace for our nation? Well, the government will dispute the findings again and say that even though the ranking has dropped, the individual components that made up the total score has increased (which is a fact) but why did our ranking dropped when our score has increased. One very good reason is that other countries have improved much much more than Malaysia thus leaving Malaysia behind .....

This report measures each country's policies on how it encouraged economic freedom where the publisher, Fraser Institute, an independent think-tank based in Canada, based this report on 42 different measures before releasing an index for 141 countries.

One funny thing about this report. The 2007 Annual Report is actually reporting the situation in year 2005. Next year's report will report 2006's index then. A bit outdated, isn't it?
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