Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Starbucks in Indonesia

Starbucks has branched out in Indonesia but with the implementation of a new local policy, Starbucks has to adopt a similar pronunciation but with different spelling.



Anonymous jane said...

LOL! That's really funny! Should open a Murtarbak Roti next to it :P

04 September, 2007 18:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I would love to go there....
I'd reckon they serve pisgor (pisang goreng) with strong black coffee. Great place to pass time with yer BFFs! (playing 'dam aji' (checkers))


*but cannot beat Sudan's Teh Kangkang lah*

04 September, 2007 20:47  
Anonymous cbenc12 said...

Hhahhahahaa.. a good one ;)

04 September, 2007 23:01  
Blogger Sunshine said...

Hmm... wonder what's next ... Biji Kopi & Daun Teh? hahaha

05 September, 2007 00:56  
Anonymous Melvin said...

OMG! My friends are definately gonna laugh non-stop at that.. LOL almost same pronounciation like Setapak.

05 September, 2007 01:10  
Blogger The Malaysian Life said...

Setapak Coffee sounds like a good idea. Get some tongkat ali coffee mix and a good budget for an advertising campaign to "glamourise the concept"- Malaysians will buy anything seemingly glamorous. What about Cafe Star Bugs ? buy a mug of coffee for RM60,000 and get a free Proton Waja. Merdeka offer, while stocks lasts.

05 September, 2007 02:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

2 of u from setapak, is it?

60,000 for a mug - u hav already paid for the car .... haha

well, the biz owner is smart enuf to beat ard the bush to start a similar biz

but i like all yr ideas..... why not 1 shop sells all yr suggested drinks

05 September, 2007 13:58  
Blogger J said...


That is damn funny.

13 September, 2007 06:07  

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