Saturday, September 15, 2007

Police's Salary

Ever wondered why Malaysian police had always been implicated with corruption here and there day in day out. As for me, twice.... twice, police did try to frighten me so that I would offer money to them to let me go. But of course, they actually have nothing to book me and have to let me go. My impression with our Royal Malaysian Police had never been good.

Now, let's compare something here. The New South Wales Police Force in Australia has a starting pay of A$48,000 (approx. RM142,080) just for a probationary officer. Do we still need to take a look at the higher ranking officer's salary then?

We will now peek at Malaysia's so-called long time foe in many aspects of life, Singapore (such scenarios are always played up by politicians).

If you were to look at the position of Inspector at the Singapore Police Force, you'll find that the minimum pay is S$2,570 (pass degree category) (approx. RM5,962).

It's actually not surprising that we could bump into a Singapore Police who happens to be a Malaysian (quite a number of them).

Now, we have come to Malaysia. Our Royal Malaysian Police could only offer a paltry sum of RM1,095 as a starting pay for the lowest grade of the Inspectorate ranking to a maximum of RM2,854.

I'm not saying that a low salary personnel will always tend to be a corrupted cop as at times, highly paid senior management personnel in public listed companies do commit such sin too.

It's just a comparison to see where we are. Surprised to see the former Inspector General of Police (no. 1 man), Tun Hanif Omar, making such a statement: "police corruption was so extensive that a very senior Anti-Corruption Agency officer had confided in me and another top retired police officer that 40% of the senior officers could be arrested without further investigations – strictly on the basis of their lifestyles"

Malaysia Boleh???
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