Monday, September 17, 2007

Was it Just Wasting or Corruption?

When Malaysian Auditor-General 2006 Report was made known to the public via newspapers, the citizens were not surprised with those reports that millions were wasted just like that.

Personally, I won't believe that nobody didn't know about those blatant spendings. Now, there are lots of finger pointing all over the place, the art of tai chi has emerged suddenly - Ministers blaming previous Ministers.

Then out of a sudden, almost every Minister whose ministry was implicated said that further internal investigations would be carried out within those ministries. Are the Ministers allowed to say "I Don't Know"? Anyway, what investigations are they talking about? It's already provided for in the Auditor-General's report of what went wrong and who was in charge.

Few days later, the Malaysian Prime Minister told the Anti-Corruption Agency Malaysia to swing into action in view of Auditor-General 2006 Report. The ACA stated that they have done some investigations and would reveal when the time is right. And this statement was made - "let justice run its course".

In Vietnam, Vu Dinh Thuan, a former deputy head of the Government Office was arrested together with other government employees caught for inflating printing costs of training materials and pocketed VND1.3 billion (US$80,123) ................. hahahahha..... when I saw that amount it was nowhere near the Malaysian figures. Vietnam did let justice run its course.

Now I know what it means for Malaysia Boleh!
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